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    Java OOPS Concept

    Classes and objects are the main components of OOPs. Without class and object you can not design oop model.

    Object Oriented Programming is used programming language like Java,c++,python..etc.

    Features of OOPs

    Class:The class user defined and objects are created inside class.

    ObjectAn object can be defined as an instance of a class, and there can be multiple instances of an object in a program. An Object contains both the data and the function, which operates on the data. For example - chair, bike, marker, pen, table, car, etc.

    InheritanceInheritance is an OOPS concept in which child class is derived from base class. It creating a parent-child relationship between two classes. It organizing and structure of any software.

    PolymorphismPolymorphism is the ability of a variable, object or function to take on multiple forms. For example, in English, the verb run has a different meaning if you use it with laptop, foot race, and business.

    AbstractionAn abstraction representing essential features of program without including background details. It is used ot create a new data type that is suited for a specific application. For example, while riding a bike, you do not have to be concerned with its internal working. Here you just need to concern about parts like handle, Gears, accelerator, etc.

    EncapsulationEncapsulation is used in OOP to wrapping the data and code. In this OOPS variables of a class are always hidden from other classes. It can only be accessed in current class.

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