Node.js REPL

REPL( Read Eval Print and Loop)-It specifies a computer environment like a window console or a Unix/Linux shell where you can enter the commands and the system responds with an output in an interactive mode.

  • Read: Reads users input; parse the input into JavaScript data-structure and stores in memory.

  • Eval: It evaluates the data structure.

  • Print: It prints the result.

  • Loop: It loops the above command until user press ctrl-c twice.

  • Nodejs Expression

    Example: >1+6-2 

    REPL Commands

  • ctrl + c −It terminate the current command.

  • ctrl + c twice −It terminate the Node REPL.

  • ctrl + d −It terminate the Node REPL.

  • Up/Down Keys −Command history and modify previous commands.

  • tab Keys − list of current commands.

  • .help −All commands.

  • .break − exit from multiline expression.

  • .clear − exit from multiline expression.

  • .save filename − It save the current Node REPL session to a file.

  • .load filename −It load file content in current Node REPL session.

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