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    Jsp Action Tag Tutorial

    JSP Action Tag provides Standard tags for use within your JSP pages. These tags are used to remove or eliminate scriptlet code from your JSP page because scriplet code are technically not recommended nowadays.

    Action tags begin with the jsp: prefix.

    Jsp Action Tag Methods

    Action Tag Description
    jsp:forward forward the request to a new page Usage :
    jsp:useBean instantiates a JavaBean Usage :
    jsp:getProperty retrieves a property from a JavaBean instance.
    jsp:setProperty store data in property of any JavaBeans instance.
    jsp:include includes the runtime response of a JSP page into the current page.
    jsp:plugin Generates client browser-specific construct that makes an OBJECT or EMBED tag for the Java Applets
    jsp:fallback Supplies alternate text if java plugin is unavailable on the client. You can print a message using this, if the included jsp plugin is not loaded.
    jsp:element Defines XML elements dynamically
    jsp:attribute defines dynamically defined XML element's attribute
    jsp:body Used within standard or custom tags to supply the tag body.
    jsp:param Adds parameters to the request object.
    jsp:text Used to write template text in JSP pages and documents. Usage : Template data

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