JavaServer Faces

It is a server side component based user interface framework. It is used to develop web applications. It provides a well-defined programming model and consists of rich API and tag libraries. The latest version JSF 2 uses Facelets as its default templating system. It is written in Java.

The JSF API provides components (inputText, commandButton etc) and helps to manage their states. It also provides server-side validation, data conversion, defining page navigation, provides extensibility, supports for internationalization, accessibility etc.

The JSF Tag libraries are used to add components on the web pages and connect components with objects on the server. It also contains tag handlers that implements the component tag.

JSF Features

  • Component Based Framework

  • Implements Facelets Technology

  • Integration with Expression Language

  • Support HTML5

  • Ease and Rapid web Development.

  • Support Internationalization

  • Bean Annotations

  • Default Exception Handling

  • Templating

  • Inbuilt AJAX Support

  • Security

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