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    Hibernate Caching

    Caching is a mechanism to enhance the performance of a system. It is a buffer memorythat lies between the application and the database. Cache memory stores recently used data items in order to reduce the number of database hits as much as possible.

  • EHCache It can cache in memory or on disk and clustered caching and it supports the optional Hibernate query result cache.
  • OSCache Supports caching to memory and disk in a single JVM with a rich set of expiration policies and query cache support.
  • warmCache A cluster cache based on JGroups. It uses clustered invalidation, but doesn't support the Hibernate query cache.
  • JBoss Cache A fully transactional replicated clustered cache also based on the JGroups multicast library. It supports replication or invalidation, synchronous or asynchronous communication, and optimistic and pessimistic locking. The Hibernate query cache is supported.

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