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    Django Installation on Windows

    Django is a open source, high-level Python based Web framework .Django support rapid web development and clean design. It can be used to create dynamic high-security web applications in less time compare to others.

    It was created in 2003

    Pycharm IDE is a python development enviroment for windows operating system . Install Django in Pycharm IDE by downloading pre-installed modules .

    Before start installing django make sure pip,setup tool and other required libraries must be installed properly for hassle free installation of django ..

    pip install django

    Django using Pycharm

    You can use Pycharm IDE for django app development.It is the best ide for Django application development.You can download it here Pycharm IDE.

    Features of Django

  • Reusability
  • Pluggability" of components
  • Less code
  • Low coupling
  • Rapid development
  • Secure

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